12th Herdbook Meeting Annual Project Evaluation and 10th Accounting Training Meeting Held in Antalya

12th Annual Project  Evaluation and 10th Accounting  Training Meeting organized the scope  of Herdbook, Pre-Herdbook and Progeny Test, Which is being carried out jointly by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey were held on 17-21 February 2020 in Antalya.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directore of Livestock (HAYGEM) Head of Department of Breeding and Imperovment Adem BÖLÜKBAŞI, Antalya Province Agriculture and Forestry Deputy Director Asım KARABULUT, President of Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey Kamil ÖZCAN, Vice President Yunus BAYDAR, Accountant Member Mehmet ALDEMİR, Board Members Hacı SELVİ, Serhat VAYISOĞLU, Hasan Hüseyin ÖZDEMİR, Supervisory Board Members Mehmet Sedat GÜNGÖR, Hasan Ahmet KIRLIOĞLU, Project Managers of Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Directorates, President of Provincial  Cattle Breeders’ Associations, Responsible Directors of the  Association and related Staf were present at the meeting.

In the opening speech, President Kamil ÖZCAN drew attention to the efforts ofbreeding given by the associations  and stated; “In the last 25 years, we are trying to make sacrificial services together with the public, as associations pursuant to the Law No. 5996, in order to increase the productivity in production besides the animal existence of our country and to produce solutions to the problems of both the producer and the consumer.

I would like to thank and present my gratitude to everyone which are currently here or not here who contributed to this issue, in order to achieve great goals in very difficult conditions. As the one who has witnessed the last 25 years of this long run, I proudly say that if we are a self-sufficient country in milk and dairy products today, if we can meet 95% of our breeding needs from our own country and if we can increase the carcass average in meat to 300-350 kg the share of all stakeholders and associations of the sector cannot be underestimated.I hope that this 3-day SÖS Annual Project Evaluation and Accounting Training meeting will be successful with the improvement works, hoping to see the days when our country’s animal protein needs can be met at an affordable cost, and that the breeders can afford the labor, and can work together. ” ÖZCAN mentioned the issues to be coverd within the content of evaluation and training  mieetings, and hope to have solutions to the problems encountered in the applications.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directore of Livestock (HAYGEM) Head of Department of Breeding and Imperovment Adem BÖLÜKBAŞI Emphasizing that breeding is a systematic study that shapes and directs the future of societies and  stated that it is extremely important for the country’s livestock.

During the three-day meeting; Agricultural Engineer Gökhan DEMİRÖRS From the General Directorate of Livestock Breeding and Imperovment Department, Veterinarian Senem HACIÖMEROĞLU, Veterinarian Murat ULUER from the Cattle and Ovine Farming Department, Veterinarian Ahmet ERCAN from the Directorate of Food and Control, Animal Health and Quarantine Department, Ziraat Bank Cash and Institution Management Authority Azmi ERENERDI, CBAT Administrative and Financial Affairs Branch Director M.Cüneyt BAYOĞLU, Technical Affairs Branch Director Onur YİĞİT, Specialist Veterinarian Saadet OCAKLI, Responsible Veterinarian Burak Murat KURT, Agricultural Engineer Serhat GÜNDÜZ, Software Specialist Sencer GÜLTUNA provided information to the participants with their presentations.

Additionally, Provincial Association Presidents and Responsible Director Meetings were held during the program. In the meetings, the problems experienced in the Provincial Associations were evaluated through the eyes of Director and Presidents and ideas were exchanged. It was reported that such meetings will continue at the point of determining the strategy.

Following the information  presentations in accounting and techbical fields, a general evaluation session was held with the participation of all the participants and the meeting program was concluded. We thank all participants for their attendance and contributions.

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