Chairmen of Provincial Associations Meeting Held with the Participation of the Minister

Chairmen of Provincial Associations Meeting organized by CBAT for the purpose of evaluating the technical and administrative problems of Cattle Breeders’ Associations as well as the current problems encountered in the animal husbandry sector was held with the participation of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir PAKDEMİRLİ, Animal Husbandry General Director Zekeriyya ERDURMUŞ, Deputy General Directors Cengiz CEYLAN and Erol BULUT, Head of Breeding and Improvement Department Adem BÖLÜKBAŞI, Ministry bureaucrats, President of the Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey Kamil ÖZCAN, Vice President Yunus BAYDAR, Accountant Member Mehmet ALDEMİR, Board Members Hacı SELVİ, Serhat VAYISOĞLU, Hasan Hüseyin ÖZDEMİR, Tuncay AYTIN, Supervisory Board Members Hasan Ahmet KIRLIOĞLU, Mehmet Sedat GÜNGÖR, Cemal KARAKOÇ, Ziraat Bank Payments and Collections Department Director Mehmet Fatih AYDIN, Chairmen of Provincial Associations and Responsible Directors.

 “Milk Prices Should be Set Automatically with an Agreement Favorable to the Producer”

In his opening speech, President of Cattle Breeders’ Association Kamil ÖZCAN said “I would like to mention to you about the current agenda of the country and the urgent requests of the producers. Mister Minister, our producers want to hear from you the state commitment that they will not be harmed because of their production. They expect you to say ‘You produce; we will do whatever is necessary as the ministry.” They especially expect a permanent solution to the problem of fodder prices which is the major factor in input costs. In order for the producers not to be crushed under the increasing input prices ant not to quit producing, we expect the milk prices be bound with a certain rule, as in the developed countries. We expect the milk prices be set automatically with an agreement that protects all shareholders of the sector based on the producer. Our producers should be able to buy 1.5 kg fodder by selling 1 liter of milk.

“We expect supports in line with the expectations of our producers”

“We and our producers expect the animal husbandry supports for year 2019 to be announced by taking our opinions in the months of November-December of this year; not at the middle of the year as was done in the past. This way, our producers will be able to see into the future to some degree and make planning for the next year. Also, we think that this will prevent the rumors in the public that the supports will be cancelled next year” he said.

President ÖZCAN drew attention the point reached since 1995 when the associations were founded and said “Today, we need agricultural organizations with more clearly defined functional duties in Turkey. With such an organization, with the support of our Ministry, we are ready to do our share for the production mobilization in this troublesome process our country is going through”.

In his opening speech Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir PAKDEMİRLİ indicated that the associations are indispensible for animal husbandry. In addition to the developments in the agriculture and animal husbandry sector, he gave the good news that Raw Milk Analysis Support for Improvement Purposes will be 150 TL per cow that meets the eligible analysis conditions. Minister PAKDEMİRLİ announced that basin-based responsibility areas and coordinatorships will be established in the future periods and indicated that they will start an effective study to solve especially the problems faced on province basis through these coordinatorships. He also expressed that he has made discussions related with the sales of large market chains in our country having more than 1% share of the sales of the products produced in that region. Furthermore, he underlined that the Ministry and Cattle Breeders’ Associations are indispensible pillars of the breeding and raising of the country’s animal husbandry. He pointed out that meat and milk production has been evaluated together in animal husbandry up until today; for this reason, even though the milk production is above the world standards in quantity, the red meat production is not sufficient in lien with the increasing demand of the people. For this reason, livestock and breeding cattle husbandry will be evaluated under separate topics in the new period and by this means, the red meat production that is the requirement of the country will be raised to the desired levels in a short period of time with the contributions of the Cattle Breeders’ Associations.

After the productive program, Provincial Association President came together and held a consultative meeting about the problems of the producers in their provinces.

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