The breeders who come together through associations aim to obtain the highest yield with the least cost by breeding their herds.

To implement “The National Breeding Policy” Our goal is to increase the contribution of breeding activities to the national economy and increase the profits of the breeds by a more cost effective and scientific way of production.

Activities of the Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey:

To run the Herdbook Program,

Planning and conducting the breeding program,

Progeny Control studies,

Breeding Value Estimation Certification,

Following international developments,

Representation on domestic and international platforms,

Input supply (semen, tagging, milk measuring bucket, insurance etc.),

Consultancy on breeding and feeding,

Publishing and training services,

Activities of the Cattle Breeders Provincial Associations

  • Tagging of newborn calves and cattle with lost ear tags,
  • Plating of new farms,
  • Monthly milk yield records and milk measurement audits,
  • Calving, insemination, herd movement records,
  • Classification of cows according to their appearance,
  • Consultancy on breeding and feeding,
  • Input supply (semen, tagging, milk measuring bucket, insurance, equipment etc.),
  • Animal health and artificial insemination services,
  • Supply and sale of breeding animals.

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