To produce known yield of progeny, tested bull semen by implementing Progeny Testing which is the most reliable methods of breeding selection in the conditions of Turkey.

Why Progeny Testing Project

Today, in almost every country with developed cattle breeding in the world, the Progeny Control program is carried out by the Breeders Association and each country increases the productivity of the herd by selecting the bulls that will provide the most profit under their own conditions and using the semen of these bulls.

A very large portion of Semen used in Turkey obtained from  bulls that are not tested in conditions of Turkey. There is also no obligation for the semen produced in the country to undergo progeny control. When importing semen, the values ​​of the bull in its own country are taken into account as a criterion. Yet there is a possibility of a bull  which passed the progeny test and is among the yield  in another country that does not give the same resoult in Turkey. In addition, each country chooses bulls with superior values ​​in their own country in terms of the characteristics they want to improve in their population. In other words, breeding is an activity carried out by considering the country preferences, breeder conditions and the economic importance of the characteristics in the country. Therefore, each country should plan its breeding strategy in line with its own production and economic conditions.

All these reasons have brought up Progeny Testing Project to the agenda to realize the testied bull semen production in Turkey

The only organization that progeny testing can be applied to the registered animal and system is Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey.

The only bulls which are passed progeny test are the tested bulls by the Progeny testing Project carried out by Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey.

Current state

The project, which started its first studies in 1999, was put to the test from 122 (REV: 218) head bulls, head of 87 (REV: 144), which were sent to Menemen Artificial Insemination Laboratory. Those whose breeding values ​​were determined as a result of the breeder evaluation studies were announced to the public through the published bull catalog.

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