Realization and Support of Cattle Breeding Project Signed in Bilecik

A signature ceremony was held between the Bilecik Province Cattle Breeders Association and the Turkish Veterinary Association Eskişehir-Bilecik Regional Chamber of Veterinarians for the “Implementation and Support of Cattle Breeding Project”. On this occasion, Bilecik Governor Mr. Bilal ŞENTÜRK was visited and animal husbandry was evaluated in Province of Bilecik.

Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey President Kamil ÖZCAN, Vice President Yunus BAYDAR, Accountant Member Mehmet ALDEMİR, Secretary General İbrahim KARAKOYUNLU, Technical Affairs Branch Director Onur YİĞİT, Bilecik Cattle Breeders Association President Naci ESER, TVHB Center Council President Ali EROĞLU and Board Members, Bilecik Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Deputy Director Mustafa DEMİRBAŞ, Eskişehir-Bilecik Chamber of Veterinarian Mehmet KIZILİNLER, Bilecik Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Deputy Director and Chamber of Veterinary Medicine Bilecik Provincial Representative Erkal GEDİKLİ and Chamber of Agriculture Presidents, veterinarians and breeders attended to the project promotion and the signing ceremony.

In his opening speech, President Kamil ÖZCAN stated that this protocol was made a beginning and it would be an example for the projects to be carried out by the Provincial Cattle Breeders and Regional Veterinary Chambers.

After the Opening Speeches Bilecik Province Cattle Breeders’ Association President Naci ESER Stated that Province of Bilecik will be one of the manufacturing centers of breeding female animals of Turkey.

We wish the signed project and consultation meeting to be beneficial for our country, animal husbandry of Eskişehir and Bilecik provinces and also to the breeders.

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