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Cattle Breeders' Association of TURKEY | July 16, 2019

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World Simmental – Fleckvieh Conference Held in İzmir

World Simmental – Fleckvieh Conference Held in İzmir
  • On 22 Eylül 2017

World Simmental Conference hosted by Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey (CBAT) has been held in Selçuk Township of İzmir on 17-21 September 2017 with the participation of representatives from 19 countries. Within the scope of the conference various activities have been organized, including Board of Directory Meetings of World and European Simmental Confederations, General Assembly of European Simmental Federation (ESF), technical meetings, World Simmental – Fleckvieh Conference, site visits to firms as well as a cultural tour where historical and cultural treasures of İzmir Province were presented.

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In addition to 75 foreign organizations representing 19 different countries from 5 continents, the conference was attended by public bodies and organizations from Turkey, Members of Directory Board and Supervisory Board of Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey, Province Association President and Directory Board Members, Non-Governmental Organizations and academic personnel from various universities; number total participants being well over 300.
Cattle Breeders’ Association’s Membership to European Simmental Federation Accepted
The conference started with the presentation of European Simmental-Fleckvieh Federation 32nd General Assembly Chairmen Josef KUCERA on the first day. In the general assembly meeting, membership applications of Turkey and Romania for European Simmental-Fleckvieh Federation were evaluated and accepted unanimously.
In his opening speech President of Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey Kamil ÖZCAN said: “considering that 800 million people of the world’s population is facing the danger of hunger, human nourishment and ensuring food security in the future become more important every passing day. From this point of view, the work conducted by our breeders in the name of animal production has a strategic as well as sacred characteristic”.

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Producer must not be offended
ÖZCAN said: “Sustainability of this sacred profession is only possible if the producer can make profit from this work. Producer must not be offended, it must not be forgotten that he needs to live by making production”. He added that if this is not ensured, then there will be a serious danger in the near future such as a significant portion of the human population employed in rural area quitting production.

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Rural population must be preserved
Mr. ÖZCAN stated that migration of the rural population who quit production to big cities is an unwanted development for animal production. He also said that migration from villages to cities caused many socio-economic problems, especially unemployment and distorted urbanization; for this reason policies aimed at rural section and production have become the priorities of the countries, protection of the producer is the main principle in the policies and decisions of the countries related with agriculture and animal husbandry.
Addressing the country representatives, Mr. ÖZCAN said: “As the association of the breeders, we must act together in unison and solidarity to attract the attention of the government managers to this issue and ensure that our breeders stay in the village and earn money.

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As known, development of the countries in the field of science and technology is directly related with protein nourishment. Foods of animal origin have a significant role for the sufficient and balanced nourishment of the human population. Cattle are the source of milk and red meat, which are rich in animal protein, is at the focus of animal husbandry policies.
As a result of genetic improvement works carried for long years, today the combined productive breeds have reached the level where they can compete with milking breeds regarding milk production and with meating breeds regarding production. In all the countries that are improving their animal husbandry Simmental – Fleckvieh breed has a significant portion in animal production.
Turkey has a rapidly developing animal husbandry sector and has a surface area of 780,000 square kilometers; it has to provide sufficient and high quality food to about 124 million people, 80 million of which is its own population, 40 million is the tourists visiting Turkey for touristic purposes and 4 million is the refugees. In Turkey, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock is implementing various projects for the purpose of increasing animal production. Especially for the purpose of increasing production per animal, breed improvement works are being conducted by the Ministry and by Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey since 1998. These works were carried out on Holstein-Fresian for milk production for a long time. As a result of the increased need for red meat, combined productive breeds have become more important for the animal husbandry policy of our country. For this reason, Brown Swiss and Simmental – Fleckvieh breeds, which have improved milk and meat productivity, were placed in breeding programs beginning from 2010. Today, Turkey is the second in the world after Germany concerning Simmental – Fleckvieh cattle stock, the first in the world concerning Brown Swiss cattle stock and the fourth in the world concerning Holstein cattle stock.
Thanks to the animal potential of Turkey, annual red meat production per year is approximately 1 million 150 thousand tons, and raw milk production per year is around 18 million 600 thousand tons. It is known by everyone that animal production is an economic activity. The breeder continues to produce as long as he earns money. Milk and red meat production can reach the desired level regarding quantity and quality only if product price stability is ensured along with breeding programs to be implemented”.
In the second part of the conference program 22nd World Simmental-Fleckvieh Conference was started under the chairmanship of the Assistant Chairman Sebastian AUERNIG, Peter WENN and Georg RÖHRMOSER; after the opening speeches of Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey President Kamil ÖZCAN, TİGEM General Director Mehmet TAŞAN, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Dr. Durali KOÇAK and, with live connection, of World Simmental-Fleckvieh Federation Chairman Fred SCHUETZE technical presentations were made. FAAH Assistant General Director Salih ÇELİK, Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey Technical Affairs Branch Director Dr. Onur ŞAHİN, Bernhard LUNTZ from Bavaria State Agricultural Research Center, Franz STEININGER from Cattle Breeders’ Association of Austria and Bruce HOLMQUIST on behalf of WSFF President made their presentations.
On the second day of the conference technical visits were organized to Bontoro Hayvancılık facility in İzmir Province and Dorcan Tarım and Hasan Türek facilities in Manisa Province, which make Simmental breeding. At the end of the second day, conference gala dinner was given with the attendance of all invitees. At the gala dinner, after the speech of President Kamil ÖZCAN, plaques and certificates were presented to the Members of Directory Boards of World in the memory of the day. Afterwards plaques were presented to Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Dr. Durali KOÇAK and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department Head Ertuğrul TURGAY. Following that, former presidents of Cattle Breeders’ Association of Turkey İsmail ANIL, Mehmet Sedat GÜNGÖR, Halil TOKOĞLU and Cemalettin ÖZDEN were invited to the stage and cake cutting ceremony was held in the memory of the conference. After the plaque presentation and cake cutting ceremonies, the conference program was completed with a folklore show, where folk dances from all regions of Turkey were shown.

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On the third day of the conference a touristic trip was organized to Ephesus ruins, House of Virgin Mary and Şirince for the representatives form 19 different countries.

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